A warm welcome to our new Labour member of Parliament For Yardley Jess Phillips


A warm welcome to our new Labour member of Parliament For Yardley  Jess Phillips

Temporary Surgery times for jess phillips mp and places for June and July 2015

These are the surgery times and places for June and July – we’ll come back with some regular ones in due course:

Acocks Green Library Shirley Road, Birmingham, West Midlands B27 7XH
Saturday 6th June & Saturday 4th July 10am

Sheldon Heath Community Centre, Sheldon Heath Rd, Birmingham B26 2RU
Friday 12th June & Friday 10th July 5.30pm

St Edburgha’s Church (Old Yardley Church), Church Road,Yardley, B33 8PD
Saturday 20th June & Saturday 18th July 10am

Gilberstone Primary School, Clay Lane, B26 1EH
Friday 26th June & Friday 24th July 6pm

Culture, Learning and Skills Overview and Scrutiny Committee – 12 February 2015


A means to an end – increasing participation in sport and physical activity

zafar-mbeLast Tuesday, 3rd of February I presented a report to the meeting of the Full Council. As chair of the Culture, Learning and Skills Overview and Scrutiny committee I wanted to see what could be done to increase participation in sport and physical activity. Most of us know that physical exercise is good for us.

Getting people to do it is a different matter, but I know how a little exercise can transform people’s lives. So we need to encourage everyone to create the opportunity to exercise. Just taking a casual walk with a few friends will do the trick.


We also discovered how a sedentary lifestyle can have drastic effects on someone’s health and well-being. Sitting in an armchair for hours – or your desk at work – is bad for you. You should get up at regular intervals and have a bit of a walk around or a stretch. It is hard to believe that doing nothing could have a detrimental effect on your health, but it does. So please do try and get some exercise. And don’t sit around for long periods without getting up and moving about a bit.


If you would like to see the full report you can find it here; http://www.birmingham.gov.uk/democracy/Pages/Index.aspx 


Live Streaming : Click Here

Yardley District Convention 2014

  • Do you live in Acocks Green, Sheldon, South Yardley or Stechford and Yardley North?
  • Do you use services in your community?
  • Are you part of a community group?
  • Or run a local business?
  • Do you want to voice your opinions and assist in planningfuture district priorities?

Come along and speak to stakeholders about a range of topics including district planning and performance, local priorities and community initiatives within the District and much more.

Download Yardley District Convention 2014 – Poster

Change to Services at Stechford CSC

This office will cease operating from Friday 14th November 2014.

As of Friday 14th November, this office will cease operating.


To verify/Copy original documents for a housing benefit or council tax support claim please visit:-

Sparkbrook Community and Health Centre, Grantham Road, Sparkbrook, B11 1LU

Opening Hrs: Mon Tues Thurs 9.00-4.30pm, Wed 9.00-1.00pm Fri 9.00 – 4.15 pm

For general advice and assistance, please visit: http://birminghamadviceservices.org.uk


 In a homeless or other emergency situation please visit:

Sparkbrook CSC as above or

Erdington Customer Service Centre

Civic House, New Sutton Road, Erdington B23 6RE

Opening Hrs: Mon Tues Thurs 9.00-4.30pm, Wed 9.00-1.00pm Fri 9.00 – 4.15 pm

Alternatively visit our website: www.birmingham.gov.uk or for housing advice www.birminghamhousingoptions.org.uk


Nearest Alternative Offices and useful telephone numbers

Nearest Alternative Offices and useful telephone numbers

When Stechford Customer Service Centre is closed the nearest alternative offices are:

Sparkbrook Customer Service Centre

Sparkbrook Community and Health Centre, Grantham Road, Sparkbrook, B11 1LU.

Opening Hrs: Mon Tues Thurs 9.00-4.30pm, Wed 9.00-1.00pm Fri 9.00 – 4.15 pm

Erdington Customer Service Centre

Civic House, New Sutton Road, Erdington B23 6RE

Opening Hrs: Mon Tues Thurs 9.00-4.30pm, Wed 9.00-1.00pm Fri 9.00 – 4.15 pm


Northfield Customer Services Centre

Vineyard Road, Northfield, B31 1PG

Opening Hrs: Mon Tues Wed 9.00-4.30pm, Thur 9.00-1.00pm Fri 9.00 – 4.15 pm

Housing Benefit Enquiries

Housing Customer Services team

 0121 464 7000

0121 303 7410

Rent team  0121 675 2006
Repairs  0800 073 3333
Out of hours homelessness 0121 303 2296



You may be able to resolve your enquiry online at: www.birmingham.gov.uk

Launching the Birmingham and Solihull Talent Match project


I launched the Talent Match project on Tuesday, along with Councillor Penny Holbrook and Brian Carr from BVSC.

The project is aimed at young people who have found it difficult due to their personal circumstances to get into employment. It will run for the next five years and provide unto 1,000 young people with support, mentoring and training to get them work ready and to provide work placements for them.

A-Dream Project Celebration Event

photo 4

Thank you to the organisers and contributors to the A DREAM celebration.I enjoyed meeting clients that had benefited from the project. A DREAM was a project to assist those with disability into the job market, by means of support in confidence building, motivation and improved job skills.

I was fortunate enough to have been invited to give a speech at the event, not sure if it was in my capacity  as a community advice worker or as Chair of  Birmingham City  Council’s Chair of Culture, Learning and Skills Overview and Scrutiny Committee.

I have posted a copy of my short speech at the event, I find short speeches to be best in order to keep the audiences attention, rather than bore them.

It was a pleasure to meet up with Karen Young and Megan Alexander.from BID.

The successful project was delivered by Focus, via the passion and effort of Wendy Dunn and Janet Scully.


Z Iqbal Speach – A Dream Project

The Ripple Effect, a road safety film

A powerful new video about the consequences of road crashes is set to drive home vital safety messages to new West Midlands drivers.

‘The Ripple Effect’ features two real families left devastated after a son and a daughter were hit by speeding vehicles.

Police and fire officers from the West Midlands talk of the horrors they have to deal with following a crash, while young pupils from Birmingham’s Gilbertstone Primary school deliver sobering road safety facts and statistics.

The project is a joint initiative between West Midlands Police and West Midlands Fire Service, led by Sgt Russell Webb of South Yardley neighbourhood policing team and Watch Commander Paul Bayliss of Red Watch at Hay Mills Community Fire Station.

“We see the awful consequences of unsafe driving almost every day,” said W/Cdr Bayliss. “We work closely with West Midlands Police on a number of initiatives to educate drivers about the dangers of the road. This video, featuring real people’s real stories, will now complement that work.”

Added Sgt Webb: “We’re really pleased with how the video has turned out, which is due in no small part to the bravery and dignity of the two families who agreed to be filmed. Their stories are incredibly powerful and emotional. Anyone who watches it will be moved and deeply affected by what they see and hear.”

Councillor John Edwards, Chair of West Midlands Fire and Rescue Authority, said: “Firefighters in the West Midlands extricated 451 people from wrecked vehicles last year. We are confident this video will play a key role in helping to lower that figure and prevent some of the loss of life and dreadful injuries that are happening on our roads every day.”

Viewers meet Stuart Fisher and his parents, Barry and Zena, and hear how their lives were changed for ever when Stuart was hit by a speeding car on the promenade at Blackpool. Chilling police helicopter footage shows the moment Stuart, from Walsall, was hit by the car and carried along for several metres before the driver left him for dead. Serious head injuries left him dependant on a wheelchair and he had to learn again how to breathe, speak and eat.

The video’s second story features Avril Child, from Birmingham, whose daughter Sarah was killed when a car hit her and one of her sisters at 70 miles an hour. Avril describes Sarah’s last few seconds alive, as her sister lay injured and unable to help her, and her reaction when she was told her daughter was dead.

‘The Ripple Effect’ also features W/Cdr Bayliss, Sgt Webb and his colleague Sgt Laura Floyd, reflecting on the risks of speeding, drink-driving and not wearing a seatbelt, and the dangers of distractions at the wheel such as texting or making a phone call. They speak openly about the collision scenes they often attend.

“We know that speeding and the anti-social use of vehicles are key concerns for our communities,” added Paul. “The video will be used on a speed awareness course we offer with the police at Hay Mills fire station, and we’re aiming to get a copy to all of our sixth forms and driving test centres.”

Added Russ: “We want as many people as possible to see the video, here in the West Midlands and further afield. We’d like it to get a life of its own as people share it online and via social media. We hope it will save at least one life, but ideally many.”

The video, which was produced by Orion Media and filmed around Birmingham, can be viewed and shared at http://youtu.be/c8esxrg8et0. It is also available via www.wmfs.net and www.west-midlands.police.uk.


Issued by Neil Spencer, Senior Media Relations Officer, WMFS, tel 0121 380 6101.

For more details and to arrange interviews about ‘The Ripple Effect’ video, please contact W/Cdr Paul Bayliss on 0121 380 7539 or Sgt Russ Webb on 101, ext 7824 6584.